Preserve days


I drifted away from blogging for a while, I don't mean to, but it just happened. But, I don't think I should apologize since I make myself stop blogging for a while. Maybe for half of a year. And yeah, I don't think I will summarize up all my stories from the way back. Let bygones be bygones should we? Exactly, there are some posts that still saved as drafts, such as my experience during interview to be one of the PISMP student. 

So, lets just have a cup of tea or something. I don't want to get myself burden for remembering the old stories. But one thing to be yeay, if you notice that, I changed my blog domain. So yeah, no more cherita-lili after this. It was quite immature, seriously. InshaAllah, I will try my best to use this blog as good as possible. I mean, maybe I can focus more on something that will benefits others, and help myself to be super duper busy with writing. As you know, I really love writing but whats stop me is actually I keep telling myself ; "NANTI". Haha, I should not...

Okay, I don't want to be so serious for this entry, maybe because after a long break, I need to get the spirit of writing back. Personally, right now, for those who are still wondering, how my days for these several months, maybe I can't reply much. Too many too share. But, a praise to Allah is a must, For everything actually. For your information, I admitted myself in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Alhamdulillah. There is nothing worth than a praise to Him. 

For sure, there is a lot of ordeals and I am bit stress lately due to current midsem examination. I hope nothing except prays for me. I feel pressured because I don't think I mentally prepared yet. Some of my friends got themselves beautiful notes on their hands, and I really wonder, when they did those notes? Okay fine, my fault in any way. whatever it is, I hope everything is under His blessing.

Wallahualam. Lets continue with study. Go Maliihah

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