There is nothing much to say but Alhamdulillah, today I almost settle up the business between my client or proper called as customers. Alhamdulillah,I just took an hour to finish up all those things that keep strangled in my head lately. Right now, I'm currently in a good mood although I still need to face with jpj test this Wednesday. Please pray for me.

Well what should I write right now? It's have been a long time since I left my blog , so yeah it is kinda hard to write and start brainstorming again.

I did follow some famous blogs that encourage me to write, but I'm pretty sure that the latest entries that I had post were mostly about my emotions. Biasa la perempuan kan?
Actually, these tough days really made myself thinking hard about deactivate my accounts , such as  Instagram, twitter… I don't know the main reason is, but I'm pretty sure it is mostly about the changes that I want to make. For sure, I have deactivated my twitter, pretty much because I always put my first thought  on Twitter, and I afraid that I will write something without thinking twice. I afraid I choose to let go my anger, disappointment and all stupid things there, in either way which bring bad things than a positive one. More than that, I afraid my relationship with Allah will get further.

I did deactivate my  Instagram account before, for a while, but after some confusion, the account still active until now. Sigh.

Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves from faking ourselves from being us. It is full of lust, pretty much I felt for some. But, I'm not being hypocrite , I'm just being me. If you once know me like this and like that, it is me.

But, people can change right? I’m not saying that I will deactivate forever, but I need some rest right now. I want to be more focused on the reality, which I think I make my life by that. It is more colorful, and we can feel the sincerity by just meet them  face to face.

I think I have nothing to say. Haha bye2.

 Jangan marah..

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