shattered into pieces, broken apart,
They ask me why,
The cry shadows by,
The sorrow traps upon me,
Hoping for a tie,
between a white lie.

Cannot be deny,
the forgiveness that I beg,
the disrectfulness that full of regret,
from the heart mom and dad,
that I did crack.

What do you except,
from a fake light,
to turn everything just right?
The saying of "I'm sorry..."
just keeping it deep inside,
from a mouth of somewhat child,
that's need to learn again,
what honor and respect would be like.

Egoism attacks
the reason behind the crime,
every doom never see the shine,
to fit a day without a pray,
hoping he and she forget it away,
the day;
when rude is me,

to stay shut from the apology,
don't ever try to be...

_maliihahnur [070416 1627]

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